Principles: What guides us every day

Be ahead

We’ve always been at the forefront of technology.
We’re pioneers of AI.

We like to watch ahead, and create the technology of the future.

We embrace the infinite potential of innovation, paving the way to new possibilities.

Work together

We foster collaboration between people and companies within our Group, working together to lead AI innovation.

We want to give shape to a new ecosystem based on data and AI generating continuous contamination among all the stakeholders involved.

Be data inspired

We believe the cognitive power contained in data, enriched by our AI solutions, can be a formidable booster for human intelligence.

We embrace the challenge!

Data and AI must help people to better understand contexts and make faster and more conscious decisions.

Be ethical

We embrace innovation, the bright part of AI.

We accelerate growth through AI, with a commitment to a sustainable, and lasting change.

Our innovations generate positive impacts both on companies and societies. We position AI as a powerful tool to mold a positive and ethical change for humanity.

AI Shape

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