Embracing Challenges
Enhancing Intelligence
Uniting Diversity

Artificial Intelligence makes our lives more efficient every day, quietly transforming our daily routines.
At Datrix, we are experts at using this technology to make things simpler end more efficient. Everyday we embrace new AI challenges to come up with a wide range of AI solutions that can positively impact businesses and society at large, and  our way of working together as well.

Enhancing intelligence.

We are convinced that the cognitive potential within data, augmented by our AI solutions, can significantly enhance human intelligence.

This approach is a cornerstone for us.

We reduce activities that require significant effort and offer minimal value, enabling us to focus on the strategic ones that enhance human intelligence and our potential.

We daily empower our people encouraging them to learn and apply knowledge in a smarter and more effcient way.

We are building a working environment where discovery, invention and collaboration allow us to prioritize long-term performance and personal development.

Uniting diversity.

We foster collaboration between people and companies within our Group, working together to lead AI innovation.

We want to give shape to a new ecosystem based on data and AI generating  continuous contamination among all the stakeholders involved, daily leveraging on a variety of skills and personal backgrounds.

Datrix team embodies a rich spectrum of expertise, spanning the rigor of science and technology, the strategic insight of economics, and the profound depth of humanistic knowledge. This interdisciplinary approach helps us to craft solutions with a holistic understanding of the complex, multifaceted world we navigate.

Datrix team: a synergy of scientific,
economic and humanistic knowledge


Science, Technology & Engineering

  • Data, Computer Science,
Machine Learning
  • Mathematics
  • Science
  • Management &
Strategy Engineering
  • Industrial Engineering
  • Chemical Engineering
  • Biomedical Engineering
  • Nuclear Engineering & Science
  • Electronic Engineering
  • Statistics
  • Computational Chemistry
  • Computer Engineering
  • Design
  • Agriculture
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Physics & Biology

Including people holding a PhD or MBA


Economics, Humanities, Legal
& Social Science

  • Business Administration
  • Digital Marketing & Communication
  • Finance
  • Languages
  • Political Science
  • Letter and Literature
  • Sociology and Social Sciences
  • Law

Datrix is where values lead the way, with respect and diversity at our core.

We’re crafting a collaborative workspace that celebrates the rich tapestry of our diverse talent, ensuring fairness for all. Join us in creating impactful change, together.

Our mindset


Datrix is focused on AI as the most efficient instrument to value data assets.


Datrix leverages on its people's diverse backgrounds and expertises to unleash technological progess.


Datrix is passionately driven by its purpose of embracing AI to shape a better future for humans.


Datrix keeps embracing new challenges to mold new ways for AI and Data Activation to enhance human intelligence.


Datrix values human excellence, trusts people and nurtures its synergic relationship with all of its stakeholders.


Datrix is ethically driven when it comes to technological choices:
AI is never meant to harm humanity.

Join Us

In our dynamic growth and expansion, we strongly believe in attracting  and nurturing top talents from every continent to bring diverse and new ideas in our workplace


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Join Us

In our dynamic growth and expansion, we strongly believe in attracting  and nurturing top talents from every continent to bring diverse and new ideas in our workplace

Can't find the position that's calling your name?

We understand that the perfect role might not be listed right now, but your unique skills and experiences could still be a great match for our team.

We encourage you to submit a spontaneous application. This way, we can consider you for future openings that align with your profile.

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