At Datrix, our leadership team is a testament to the power of diverse expertise, boasting a wide array of academic and professional backgrounds that interlock to shape the foundation of our AI solutions.

The team draws upon the analytical rigor of seasoned scientists and technologists whose cutting-edge insights drive innovation. Alongside them stand economists with strategic acumen, adept at navigating market complexities and steering our endeavors towards sustainable growth. Complementing these are our humanists—guardians of context and culture—whose wisdom ensures our creations resonate with the pulse of human experience.
With each leader's unique perspective, the Datrix leadership team not only envisions but also actualizes solutions that embody the full complexity of the world they are designed to serve, turning AI challenges into economically viable and culturally resonant solutions.


General Manager e Co‑Founder Datrix, CEO Aramix

MBA-qualified with 20+ years of digital experience, starting at Ernst & Young, then moving to Excite Europe as Sales & Marketing Director, and finally at Google Italy.
As a Google executive he led the commercial development for the Media & Entertainment sector and headed YouTube.



Ph.D. in Computer Science from Queen Mary University of London, with specialization in machine learning and data mining. He worked at IHS Markit, focusing on derivatives, then at Barclays Capital as a senior analyst. At BNP Paribas, he combined his analytical skills with OTC trading, furthering his expertise in machine learning and Big Data.



MBA-qualified with 13+ years of experience in MarCom gained in defining positioning and rebranding strategies in different sectors (from Entertainment to CPG, from Luxury Retail to Media) thanks to significant roles in international companies. Recognized leader in project management and business coaching; DEI ambassador promoting women’s empowerment in the AI Industry.

Dello Vicario

Co-Founder Datrix and Head of Data Monetization


Head of Datrix US Market and President at Adapex

Milano d’Aragona

CEO & CO-Founder

Former Executive Manager at Google Italy, where he significantly contributed to the growth and operational success of the branch, with a particular emphasis on team development and cultivating key business partnerships.
He also plays a key role as a coordinator of the Assintel AI Think-Tank and as a board member of IAB Italia.

Chiara Neli

HR Manager


VP Finance & Administration

As CFO and Chief HR & Organization Officer, she spearheaded Digitouch Group’s digital transformation and its Milan Euronext Growth IPO, alongside M&A operations. Recently, at EY-Parthenon, she focused on Post-Deal Integration for diverse sectors, collaborating with top private equit


CPO & Partner

With 20+ years in the digital realm, he began at Google USA, dedicating 3 years to refining their search algorithm as a Search Quality Evaluator. His journey continued in 2004 when he became a pivotal member of Google Italy’s startup team, managing critical Italian and international business accounts.


Chief Strategy & Growth Officer

25+ years of international experience in innovative and entrepreneurial businesses from start-ups to blue chip enterprises in a range of industries including luxury/fashion, pharma, financial services. media. INSEAD MBA with Dean’s List Distinction, MSEE with honors



15+years of commitment to financial consultancy for Italian SMEs, with a shift to spearhead fundraising initiatives for startups and SMEs in the innovation space through Good Ventures Advisory (GVA).


CRO & CO-Founder

Former Google executive where he led the Education, Entertainment, and Telecommunications industries, driving their substantial growth. Previously, he worked in Marketing & Sales at and, and has been an active speaker in the field of digital Technology and Media.


Scientific Director

Full Professor at both ParisTech in France and Politecnico in Milan. He holds a Ph.D. in Nuclear Engineering and another Ph.D. with honors in Probabilistic Risk Assessment from MIT.
Author & co-author of 500+ papers, in 2020 winner of the prestigious Humboldt Research Award; nominated among top 2% most influential scientists worldwide by the Stanford University and IEEE Fellow in 2024.

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