Turning Challenges
into Tangible AI Solutions

We focus on vertical AI B2B software companies that deliver mission-critical value on specific business cases by seamlessly leveraging either off-the-shelf and custom horizontal services/applications or the legacy data-tech stack of the client. Our target companies are long-standing SMEs with solid track record, in-house development of core products, long-tenured client base, talent pool of worldclass team-playing entrepreneurs and full-time employees.

Overall, the brands within Datrix Group work with a portfolio of over 300 clients.

Adapex is a pioneering US-based AdTech company, led by a female founding team, that excels in maximizing ad revenues for publishers, app developers, and retailers.
Harnessing AI-powered intelligence and an award-winning software suite, Adapex delivers substantial revenue growth across Web, Mobile, and CTV channels, backed by an expert team of ad-ops professionals.
Aramix is an AI-centric company leveraging innovative deep-tech products, advanced data models and world-class stem expertise to elevate industrial and business processes efficiency across diverse sectors and organizational scales.
ByTek is a visionary MarTech company with advanced AI-driven applications aimed to transform marketing operations, enhancing efficiency and boosting tangible results.
Their premiere product, Audience AI, is at the forefront of user and customer segmentation, utilizing generative AI, predictive models and first-party data to meticulously analyze and predict consumer patterns.
ByTek’s technology not only anticipates customer behavior for future-ready strategies but also scales personalized marketing, fostering loyalty and maximizing customer lifetime value.


Finscience is an innovative FinTech company that harnesses unconventional alternative data, generative AI, and unique metrics to craft high-value insights for thematic investing and direct indexing.
This enables both private and institutional investors to make more informed and strategic investment decisions

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